Pete DJ’s under the name of PEDRO GONZALES  and has played in many top clubs, Ibizan nightspots, private parties, boats and scruffy basements.
As we all know, the underground quickly becomes the mainstream, so keeping in touch is  a necessity for modern production
                              TOP 10  DOING IT FOR ME
1  : Matan Caspi, Flippers -  Higher Feelings - Flippers remix (Virtual Love) 
2  : Bounce to the beat -Todd Terry/Prok & Fitch Mashup (Toolroom records)
3  : Our Boogie - Misty -Orig mix (Hot Fridge)
4  : Everyday - Jorge Montia, Coqui Selection - Orig Mix (Wazzup? Records)
5  : M83 - Midnight City - Eric Prydz remix (M83 recordings)
6  : Joe Brunning, Heath Renata - Now Let Me See You Work - orig -  (Bush)
7  : Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte - Orig mix  (Strictly Rhythm)
8  : Bingo Ft Elodie  - John Dahlback -Orig Mix (Mutants)
9  : Bingo Players - Rattle - Orig Mix (Hysteria)
10: This side that side Ft Alan T - Orif mix (Bedroom Muzik)
on Berwick St Records, “Not a Poem” & “Ravedigger” with  Timo Garcia Re-mix, and
“Wild Sound” + “Shuffle Scuffle”  plus
“Sausage Dog” and “As you Like It” on Viva and “Menace” on Chumbomundo. 
Plus “Phreekn” with Tom Stephan + Fierce Rulin’ Diva on Chumbomundo.

Look Out for “Lights Out” with Tom Stephan & Rowetta on NYs Nervous records !
Keep posted for more dates, exclusive new  tracks and mixes.
                             TOP 5 HATING WITH A VENGANCE
1 : Swedish House Mafia - Anything & Everything
2 : David Guetta - Everything
3 : “Progessive House” 99%  particularly  Avicci.
5  : Electro House - Most
                                      WEIRDLY ADMIRING !
Skrillex - for pissing so many people off