Pete has been making records since the late 80s as a producer, engineer and programmer and has worked with many artists such as George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, U2, Aswad  and Take That.
P - producer  CP - co-producer  E - engineer  ME - mix engineer  Pr - programming  R - Remix  MD - musical director  A - artist


PSB : Format (B-sides & Bonus tracks) (CD) - Parlophone  Pr,E,ME
Tennant/Lowe : The Most Incredible Thing (CD) - Parlophone Pr,E,ME
Rammstein : (Made In Germany (CD) Universal Music Group Pr,E
PSB : Pandemonium (CD) - Parlophone - Pr,E
PSB : Pop Art -The Hits (CD) - Parlophone - Pr,E

PSB : Yes (CD) - Parlophone - Pr,E
PSB : It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas - CD - Parlophone -  Pr,E
TOM STEPHAN + PETE GLEADALL Ft ROWETTA : Lights Out - Nervous Records -  A, ME, P
TRNSSTR: Wild Sound/Shuffle Scuffle  - Digital release -  Berwick St Records - A, ME, P
PSB : Love Etc/Jin and Jag -(CD) - Parlophone - Pr,E,ME

THE KILLERS, ELTON JOHN & NEIL TENNANT : Joseph : Island Def Jam Music E
GEORGE MICHAEL : 25 Live Tour.     Pr/R
SAM TAYLOR-WOOD:  I’m In Love With a German Film Star (CD, Digital release) - Kompakt.  E, ME, Pr
TRNSSTR: As You Like It  (12”)    Viva Music     A, ME, P
TRNSSTR: Menace  (12”)     Chumbomundo     A, ME, P
TRNSSTR: Sausage Dog  (12”)    Viva Music     A, ME, P

THE KILLERS : Read My Mind    (Pet Shop Boys Re-mix)     Vertigo     ME, E, Pr
ROBBIE WILLIAMS : She’s Madonna  (CD)     Chrysalis     E, Pr
SUPERCHUMBO : Fall Out (12”)     ChumboMundo Records     ME, E, Pr
PSB : Integral (CD, Single)      Parlophone,     E, Pr
CARL COX : Heaven - Pedro Gonzales (Global Mix CD)    Koch    A, ME, P
PSB : Touring - Fundamental World Tour     MD, Pr
SLIPSTREAM : Mantra (CD, Digital release)   CP, E, ME
VARIOUS : Disco Four Remixed By Pet Shop Boys  (2xLP, Ltd)     Parlophone     E, ME, Pr

MADONNA : Sorry  (PSB Maxi-Mix) 	Warner Bros. Records     E, Pr
GEORGE MICHAEL : 25 Live Tour.     Pr
PSB : Concrete (2xCD) 		Parlophone     Pr
SUPERCHUMBO  : Dog (12")     ME, E
PSB : Fundamental (2xCD) 		Parlophone     E, Pr
PSB : I'm With Stupid (CD, Single) 	The Resurrectionist   Parlophone  E, Pr
PSB : Numb (CD, Single, Promo) 		Parlophone    E, Pr
GIMPZ : Strip Me Down (Nude) (12") 		Junior Boy's Own     A, ME
SUPERCHUMBO : U Know I Love It (12") 		Twisted America Records     ME, E
PSB : Cubism / In Concert  14/11/2006 Mexico City (DVD, NTSC) Warner Music Vision     MD, Pr
PSB :  Fundamental  world tour     MD, Pr

ROBBIE WILLIAMS : Rudebox (CD, Album) 	 	Chrysalis    E, Pr
PSB : Battleship Potemkin (CD, Album) 		Parlophone, EMI Classics    E, Pr
SUPERCHUMBO : Wowie Zowie (CD, LP)    Twisted America     E, CP, ME, Pr
ROGER SANCHEZ : Turn On The Music (12") 	(Superchumbo re-mix)    Vendetta records     E, ME, Pr  
LIVE 8 : Mixing PSB Moscow RED SQUARE     ME

GEORGE MICHAEL : Patience (CD) 		Epic      Pr
SUPERCHUMBO : Dirtyfilthy (12") 		Twisted America Records    E, ME, Pr
RAMMSTEIN : Mein Teil (CD, Mini) 		Universal Music Domestic Division    E, Pr
GOLDFRAP : Number 1  (Superchumbo re-mix)     Mute America    ME, Pr
MARK OWEN : In Your Own Time (CD)    Universal Island records    ME
MATT GOSS : Early Side Of Later    (CD)  Concept UK     ME
TOM STEPHAN : Here I Come (12”)     Chumbomundo    E, ME, Pr
CAMP FREDDY : Electro Jack    (12”) Whoop        A, ME, P 
TWISTED FUNK : Give Me Love (12”)     Kinky Vinyl        A, ME, P

SEAL : Get It Together (CD, Maxi) 	Superchumbo re-mix    Warner Bros. Records    ME, Pr
YOKO ONO : Walking On Thin Ice (12") 		Mind Train Records    Pr
PSB : Disco 3 (3xVinyl, Album, Ltd) 		Parlophone    ME, Pr, E
KIKI KOKOVA : Love To Love You, Baby (12") 		Lucky Kunst    ME, Pr, E
PSB : PopArt - The Hits (3xCD) 	Toshiba EMI Ltd    Pr, E
SUPERCHUMBO : This Beat Is (12", Single) Twisted America Records    ME, Pr, E
PSB : Sexy Northerner (12", Promo) 		Sanctuary Records    ME, Pr, E
X-PRESS 2 : Muzikizum (12”) Superchumbo re-mix    Skint records   ME, Pr, E
LOS VENGADORES : The Musik (12’)  Whoop    A

BASEMENT JAXX : Get Me Off (12")  (Superchumb re-mix)   XL Recordings     ME, Pr, E
PSB : Home And Dry (CD, Single) 		Parlophone    Pr, E
PSB : I Get Along (CD, Single) 		Parlophone    Pr, E
SUPERCHUMBO : Irresistible! (12") 		Loaded Records     ME, Pr, E
PSB : Release (CD, Album, Ltd) 		Parlophone    Pr, E
PSB : World tour     Pr

KYLIE MINOGUE : Can't Get You Out Of My Head (12") Superchumbo re-mix, Parlophone   ME, E, Pr
MISSY ELLIOT : Get Ur Freak On (12") Superchumbo re-mix	M.O.D.A. music Fashion       ME, E, Pr
CLOSER TO HEAVEN : Original Cast Recording (CD, Album)     Epic 	  Pr
PSB : Montage - The Nightlife Tour (DVD) 		Parlophone     Pr
DARUDE : Sandstorm  (CD, Maxi) 	Superchumbo re-mix     Bang On!    ME, E, Pr
SUPERCHUMBO : The Revolution (12") 	Twisted America Records     ME, E, Pr
DANNY TENAGLIA : Headhunter (12”)  Superchumbo re-mix        Tribal America       ME, E, Pr
ARMAND VAN HELDEN : Why Can't U Free Some Time (12”) Superchumbo re-mix   FFRR    ME, E, Pr

TINA TURNER : When The Heartache Is Over (Superchumbo re-mix)    Capitol    ME, E, Pr
PSB : You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (CD, Single, )	Parlophone    Pr
MY LIFE STORY : Joined Up Talking (CD)  iT Records      CP
DEEP SWING  : In the Music (12”)  Superchumbo re-mix  Warner-Belgium      ME, E, Pr
MY LIFE STORY : It’s A  Girl Thing (CD,Single)  iT Records      CP

ROBBIE WILLIAMS : Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs Of Noël Coward (CD)  KALA, Inc. CP, E, Pr
PSB : Nightlife (CD, Album, Ltd) 		Parlophone 	E, Pr
PSB : New York City Boy (CD, Maxi) 	Parlophone    E, Pr
MIRRORBALL  : Given Up  (12”)  Forthright re-mix      Roadrunner records    R, ME, Pr

PSB  : Somewhere -Pet Shop Boys in Concert (DVD) 		MAWA Film & Medien    Pr
DAZE : Together Forever     (12”)  Forthright re-mix     Epic     R, ME, Pr
RACHEL McFARLANE : Lover (12”)  Forthright re-mix     Multiply§ R, ME, Pr

GEORGE MICHAEL : Star People (Forthright re-mix)    Dreamworks Records     R, ME, Pr
SUEDE : Filmstar (CD, 	Rent (Live),     Nude Records     Pr
PSB :  Somewhere (CD) 		Parlophone    Pr
WAND : Happiness    (Forthright re-mix)    Deconstruction    R, ME, Pr
STRIKE : I Have Peace     (Forthright re-mix)         Jive    R, ME, Pr
ALABAMA 3 - Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness  (Forthright re-mix)    Elemental records    R, ME, Pr
PSB :  Somewhere (CD) 	(Forthright re-mix)     Parlophone        R, ME, Pr
PSB : Programming/Running show live at the Savoy Theatre plus festival tour (Roskilde etc)    Pr

GEORGE MICHAEL : Older (CD, Album) 		Virgin Records    Pr
DAVID BOWIE : Hallo Spaceboy		BMG    Pr
TINA TURNER : Wildest Dreams (CD)  -  Confidential     Parlophone    Pr
PSB : Bilingual     (CD, Album) 		Parlophone,     Pr
FORTHRIGHT : Happiness (12”)    Encore/EMI    A, Me, P
GEORGE MICHAEL : Fast Love     (Forthright re-mix)    Virgin Records    R, ME, Pr
GEORGE MICHAEL : Spinning The Wheel     (Forthright re-mix)    Dreamworks Records     R, ME, Pr
SECRET LIFE: Vehicle     (Forthright re-mix)  Pulse-8    R, ME, Pr
BOXCAR  : People Get High    (Forthright re-mix)      Pulse-8    R, ME, Pr

TAKE THAT : Back For Good (7”)     RCA    Pr
SECRET LIFE : Sole Purpose    (CD, ALbum)     Critique    CP, Pr
SECRET LIFE : Love So Strong    (12”)  Pulse-8 Records (USA)    Pr
PSB : Discovery - Live In Rio   (VHS)    Picture Music International    Pr, E
PSB : Alternative    (CD, Album)     Parlophone     Pr, E
PSB : Before     (CD, Single, CD1) 	Hit And Miss 	Parlophone,    Pr

BLUR : Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys Remix) (CD, Maxi)    Pr
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS : (CD, Maxi) 		Parlophone    Pr
PSB : Disco 2 (CD, Album) 		EMI Music (Canada) 	Pr
SECRET LIFE : I Want You (12", Maxi) Pulse-8 Records    Pr, CP
FORTHRIGHT : How Sweet The Sound  (12’)		Cowboy Records 	    A, Me, P
‘DISCOVERY ‘ : PET SHOP BOYS  - tour of Singapore, Australia, S. America (live recording - Rio) Pr

GEORGE MICHAEL : Five Live (CD, Maxi)    EMI Records    Pr
GEORGE MICHAEL : Killer/Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone    Hollywood Records    Pr
U2 : Zooropa Tour    Pr 
PSB : Very (CD, Album, Ltd) 		Parlophone    Pr, E

BOY GEORGE : The Crying Game (CD, Maxi Spaghetti Recordings    Pr
GEORGE MICHAEL : Too Funky (Vinyl, 12")     Columbia    Pr, E
CICERO : Future Boy (CD) 		Spaghetti Recordings 	Pr
CICERO : Love Is Everywhere (CD, Maxi) 	Spaghetti Recordings    Pr
PSB : Performance - World Tour    Pr

GEORGE MICHAEL : Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 	Epic     Pr   
GEORGE MICHAEL : Faith World Tour    Pr
ASWAD : Don’t Turn Around (Single - # 1 charts )   Island Records    Pr
ASWAD : Distant Thunder (LP) 		Island Records 	Pr
LUXURIA :Unanswerable Lust (CD, LP) 		Beggars Banquet 	   Pr
PSB : Was It Worth It?  (12") 	Parlophone    Pr
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